Back to our little blue Victorian…

We are finally back to working on our little Astorian Victorian.

You may remember from previous posts that we had our home painted! The old gray and white paint was peeling badly so it desperately needed a new coat of paint. We agonized over colors for many months but finally settled on blue, off-white and brown.  (Benjamin Moore selection).

We continue to get compliments and praise for our color choice! Our neighbors, dog walkers, people driving by etc. etc. randomly stop by and tell us they absolutely love it.

And yes… that is the “Goonie House” on the hill in the background.


Love – hate relationship with a floor sander

We have wood floors (some kind of western fir tree) throughout the house. We decided to sand them all clean and put some kind of clear finish on them. Unfortunately, the upstairs floors had a couple coats of paint on them.


We rented a sander from the local hardware store and started the project. We went through oodles of sand paper! The paint just gummed it up! What was underneath was beautiful though.

The newly sanded floors being protected with Osmo Oil ( ). These are all natural oil and wax based floor treatments. Worked great!

No superheroes here…

It may seem like we are zooming along at a superhero pace with our home restoration. We are not. I am posting things that have already been completed and trying to catch up to where we are now. Friends saw my photos and recommended I start blogging. First step – figure out how to blog!

But wait… who is this?


Meet our project manager, designer, carpenter and craftsman. Greg Swift, a University of Oregon School of Architecture graduate, is coordinating this project as well as floorplan design, carpentry and cabinetry. He is currently working out of Portland OR. Visit him at or

Maybe a superhero?