Running the house through the car wash…

It’s painting time!

Step one – power wash the house to loosen up old paint. We will wait a few days for the house to completely dry and then do some scraping and priming.

Final color choice… using Benjamin Moore Paints

Main house: Whipple Blue, Trim: Lancaster Whitewash, Accent color: Gingersnaps

= Adorable House


Can you spot the subtle difference? Photos have different accent colors. It’s Baked Cumin vs. Gingersnaps. Instagram vote favored Gingersnaps (on the left)

Note: Gray and white were the original colors although we found a mustard-yellow underneath.

How to create a Victorian bathroom in a house that never had one…

Our designer decided to go with the classic, small black and white floor tile and white “subway” tile walls. Bathroom design and fixtures are comfortably modern.


Remember our upstairs floor plan? One old bedroom was turned into a LARGE bathroom by a previous owner. The new design is for two smaller (although good size) bathrooms including a master bath with a large shower…

Tiling in process! Looking good.

a few things missing…like a front door

We bought our little Victorian because it had a number of original features… however, some things were missing and need to be replaced. The existing front door is a classic 1970’s modern Luan plywood door. Functional –  but ugly (no other way to put it).

Our craftsman/carpenter/designer is always on the lookout for architectural wonders…

He found us  a new door!

It’s a beauty – found at a street sale in Portland. Needs some work, but it’s exactly what we need. Yay!! Big plans to do something interesting with the glass part. Stay tuned.


… and we are back

We have been overseas in Scotland for two weeks. No, we are not looking for another home restoration project, but we did find a couple fixer uppers.


A beautiful example of a 14th century castle that needs a little work. Watch for rude watchmen and falling cows. This is Doune Castle – “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” was filmed here.


This one requires an expert designer as well as an expert in structural integrity. The McDuff Castle was built in the 11th Century of red sandstone that is slowly crumbling away.

Stay tuned for more on our own castle in Astoria, Oregon!!


I know I am getting ahead of myself with all the interior work that needs to be done, but I can’t help thinking about house exterior colors. What color are we going to paint this house! Go bold? Stay very traditional? Not sure.

Of course, everyone has their own opinion… which makes things harder.


Found this chart of traditional colors from the Victorian period when this house was built? Would one of these work? Can they still mix these colors?

I also found some examples of color combinations I like. I’m inclined to go a little bold right now. The blue with cream and light green trim is “speaking to me.” This could all change. 🙂 Stay tuned…