Touring Oregon!!

We and our designer/craftsman have been traveling everywhere!! Our latest and greatest trip was to Enterprise, Oregon and the Wallowa mountain range. Amazing place. Beautiful scenery and fantastic hiking.

Could Enterprise, Oregon be a new place for a home? Vacation house? Maybe more renovations and reconstruction are in our future. Who knows?


Eagle Cap!! Hiked up the Lostine River Trail to the base of this amazing mountain. Fresh snow made it even more dramatic.


Lostine River trail. Mountain meadows.

Back to work in the next post (finally).

Stay tuned.

Walls come down – walls go up

Following the new design plan (see previous post) – new wall construction began…

All the tongue and groove planks are now bare. The new stud walls are starting to go up. Wiring too! Designer and Dad working in tandem.


After the electrical inspection… we insulated between the walls to cut down on noise and then installed brand new sheetrock. New rooms starting to actually look like rooms!

Back to basics…

When it comes to old house renovation, you have to go to the basics first… roof, foundation, heating, plumbing and hot water. We looked at all of these.

The Basement was super clean and nice when we bought the house. Unfortunately the heater (gas) was old and quit soon after we bought the house. We replaced it with a super efficient gas furnace.  We also installed a new “on demand” hot water heater.IMG_20170509_113147676

The house has stood in the same location for 123 years. The house had settled about 4 inches to one side – not bad for over a century! We wanted to make sure it would last another century so we contracted with TerraFirma to stabilize and lift the foundation. It worked! Here’s to 2118!

Of course an old house needs a new roof… Astoria requires a really good roof. You really need to tack it down for the winter winds and rain.AstoriaNewRoof

All this is worth it… look at our wonderful view!3

The neighborhood of Astoria! Beautiful

Our 1895 vernacular Victorian is located in one of the cutest towns in Oregon. Cute here means beautiful, warm (in spirit), welcoming and unique. We were very lucky to find such a home in such a spot.  On the practical side… our little Victorian is located above tsunami line and out of a slide zone. Two things that are of concern here on the west coast.

Photo collage of the area. An old postcard from 1915 with our house in it, the famous column, downtown farmers market, sea lions and an old cannery now a collection of local businesses.  Cool place.