Douglas Fir… aka Pseudotsuga menziesii

Our little Victorian was built in 1895 by (we think) a sawyer for one of the Canneries down on the Columbia River. He was a builder and a craftsman and knew his way around lumber.


Back then, as it is today, Douglas Fir was the building material of choice. When our home was built, it’s a good chance that they used old-growth stands of the tree.

The tree is large, straight and strong and was designated Oregon’s State tree back in 1836.

Our home in Astoria, Oregon is made entirely from this tree… beams, sheathing, siding, floors, stairs etc. are all Douglas fir.

Large Douglas Fir beams in the Basement!

Before and after sanding. Douglas fir flooring.

Stair treads and railings… all Douglas Fir.


Sheathing of all the walls – interior and exterior!

Our sturdy and secure little house – all thanks to the mighty Douglas Fir.



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