Love – hate relationship with a floor sander

We have wood floors (some kind of western fir tree) throughout the house. We decided to sand them all clean and put some kind of clear finish on them. Unfortunately, the upstairs floors had a couple coats of paint on them.


We rented a sander from the local hardware store and started the project. We went through oodles of sand paper! The paint just gummed it up! What was underneath was beautiful though.

The newly sanded floors being protected with Osmo Oil ( ). These are all natural oil and wax based floor treatments. Worked great!

5 thoughts on “Love – hate relationship with a floor sander

    1. I got lucky (I guess) here. I had rotator cuff surgery and could not help out. My son, the UO architecture grad, and his wife did most of the work. I did use one many years ago. The thing you have to watch out for is leaving it in one place to long. You would create a dent in the wood floor.


      1. Good to know. When we refinished our kitchen floors here in Portland, my husband just use a hand sander to do a light sand as they didn’t need an overhaul like yours. Yeah I have a really bad back so I get to be the project manager on stuff like that 😁


      2. BTW… I checked out your son’s website and left a message for him on the contact page but never heard back… Might not hurt to let him know there is a potential new customer out there and to be sure and check those emails 😊


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