Tubs, toilets and tapers

Plumbing work on the newly redesigned upstairs of the house was done simultaneously with the new walls. The change from one very large bathroom upstairs to two smaller (although really good size) ones required new plumbing everywhere. We are not plumbers – so we hired a great local contractor.


First, we needed to remove the downstairs kitchen ceiling to access and then replace the existing plumbing. Interesting! We found that the ceiling had been dropped quite a bit. We discovered the old paint and cute wallpaper. New plumbing will be higher so we can raise the ceiling!

Note: All the new supply lines and drains will be on the INSIDE of the house. The old drains were on the OUTSIDE of the house. Coming from an area that sees 20 below zero in the winter – this was alarming.


Tubs and toilets… one of the “small” bathrooms upstairs got a six foot tub! The other will have a large shower. More on that later…


Plastering is an art form (as far as I am concerned) so we hired an “artist” and expert to get the job done quickly.

Our designer/carpenter/craftsman (son) is doing a lot of this work himself (https://www.swyftdesignworks.com/ ). We add additional help when we can. We know our limits though and our skills do not include plumbing and taping/plastering.



Do you remember our red cedar sheathing and walls throughout the house? Well, we decided to have an accent wall in each of the upstairs bedrooms. We pulled all the tacks and threads out and did a bit of sanding (see previous posts about netting and wallpaper in old homes). They are looking really nice!

3 thoughts on “Tubs, toilets and tapers

  1. Very cool!! Love discovering new things about an old house! Yeah you will be in for a climate shock this winter – very different here in NW Oregon. Just coming from Portland makes a difference, I can’t imagine the bigger transition y’all are making 🙂

    How has it been working with the designer – we’re thinking we’re going to need to do the same with this farmhouse we bought as there’s a pretty interesting setup with the master bedroom and bathroom upstairs. We’re already wondering how to navigate getting a king size mattress up the stairs, ha!


    1. We love working with our designer…who is also our son. He also loves visualizing and drawing the new plan and then actually doing the plan himself. He’s a UO Architecture grad with who can think in 3D really well. BTW, we are paying him 🙂
      PS. I think I did the reply correctly this time. Let me know…


      1. Nice! Good to know as I’m going to reach out to a few designers and see what they think we can do with our space… Keep posting those pictures so I can see his work hahaha…


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