From the top down…

We bought our house in Astoria because it had a number of very nice original features – original ship-lap siding, staircase, some windows and doors, high ceilings, wood floors (fir we think) and others. With that said, over the years there have been a number of “upgrades” that need to be corrected.

Together with our planner/designer/carpenter (full disclosure here – he is also our son) we decided to start with the second floor restoration.

First, we set up the downstairs as a one bedroom/studio apartment.


Then we planned the upstairs.

Here are some “before pictures” of the upstairs … note the swirly ceilings, old sheet rock over ???, painted paneling, and painted wood floors.



One “interesting” upgrade on the second floor is a GIANT bathroom. Previous owners took one of three original bedrooms and put in a large bathroom. My grandmother did the same thing with her old house back in the 1930s ish.

pre-sale photo 11

THE PLAN… our designer came up with a new floor plan for the second floor. It includes three bedrooms a master bathroom and a hallway bathroom for the other two bedrooms. Next stop – Town Hall and a building permit…



3 thoughts on “From the top down…

  1. That is so cool about the bathroom! Ours is only 5’x8′ so everything is going to be an improvement in the new house 🙂 However when I bought my 1925 house here in Portland, it came with a walk-in closet which was of course unheard of back then, and I was so stoked ! So that’ll definitely be in the plans with the new house as we’re going to need some designer help as well to get it just as we want it.

    So are you able to live downstairs while the upstairs is being done? We are thinking we might set up camp in the attached garage while the remodelers are doing their thing 🙂


    1. Hey I know you’re a new blogger so just a tip – you are adding new comments when you reply to a blog post, rather than clicking on the “reply” button under the comment…that’s an important distinction because if you don’t “reply” and just add another comment, the person you are replying to doesn’t get a notification that you’ve replied. 🙂


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