Back to basics…

When it comes to old house renovation, you have to go to the basics first… roof, foundation, heating, plumbing and hot water. We looked at all of these.

The Basement was super clean and nice when we bought the house. Unfortunately the heater (gas) was old and quit soon after we bought the house. We replaced it with a super efficient gas furnace.  We also installed a new “on demand” hot water heater.IMG_20170509_113147676

The house has stood in the same location for 123 years. The house had settled about 4 inches to one side – not bad for over a century! We wanted to make sure it would last another century so we contracted with TerraFirma to stabilize and lift the foundation. It worked! Here’s to 2118!

Of course an old house needs a new roof… Astoria requires a really good roof. You really need to tack it down for the winter winds and rain.AstoriaNewRoof

All this is worth it… look at our wonderful view!3

7 thoughts on “Back to basics…

  1. Excellent on the foundation – how long did that take for them to do that? Our house here in Portland was built in 1925 and definitely has done a bit of settling and we’ve seen other neighbors get theirs fixed up. Great view!


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